HARS C54 (DC4) to Arrive at HARS 5:00PM, Monday 21st Dec 2009

Following an exhaustive one and a half year interstate restoration effort, the HARS C54 is now ready for its flight to its new home at Illawarra Regional Airport, one hour south of Sydney.

HARS members have invested over 5,000 volunteer man hours and their own personal resources, to travel to Archerfield to prepare this aircraft for its first flight since 2001. The restoration has spanned the globe, from the HARS main base in Albion Park (NSW) to the deserts of Tucson, Arizona, where the team sourced and recovered an essential replacement outer wing.

The overhaul of equipment and instrumentation was performed locally by both HARS members and Australian aviation businesses.

The C54 (DC4) flight crew will travel to Archerfield next Monday (21st December 2009) on board the HARS C47 (DC3).  Both aircraft are expected to arrive back to the HARS Albion Park (NSW) base at 15:10 local and in doing so will create a unique moment with both the DC4 and DC3 in the air together – something not seen in Australia since the 1950’s.

The recovery/restoration project has enjoyed great support and assistance by many commercial businesses, including the Archerfield Airport Corporation.  HARS and the restoration team wish to thank all our sponsors for their continued support and we look forward to having this aircraft as part of our historical flying museum.


Visitors are welcome to attend both the departure and arrival, however, it is advised that due to weather and other unforeseen operational circumstances, the aircraft may not arrive at the scheduled time.

The return flight is subject to suitable weather conditions and operational safety concerns.

Please feel free to contact the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society receiption, should you wish to confirm the aircraft’s arrival on (02) 4257 4333.

Flight Itinerary

Departing Archerfield (Brisbane) 13:00 (Brisbane Local Time)

Arriving (Albion Park YWOL) 17:00 (Sydney Local Time)

Media Contacts

Brisbane Media – Mr Mike De La Hunty – Mobile: 0418 473 175