• Return of the Cessna 310

    Return of the Cessna 310

    Following a substantial airframe overhaul that saw the Cessna 310 out of action for the past twelve months, HARS President Mr Bob Delahunty undertook the 310′s first post maintenance flight last weekend. Clear skies and beautiful weather provided for a spectacular test flight which was followed by numerous additional flights by HARS members. A big thank you to the Flynn […]

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  • Cessna 310B VH-REK

    The Cessna 310 was the first twin-engine aircraft design from Cessna to enter production after World War 2. The first Cessna 310 flew on 3 January 1953 with deliveries starting in late 1954. The sleek modern lines of the new twin were backed up by innovative features such as engine exhaust thrust augmentor tubes and the storage of all fuel in tip tanks […]

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  • Cessna T-41 Mescalero VH-ENY

    Cessna T-41 Mescalero VH-ENY

    The T-41 Mescalero is the military version of the popular Cessna 172 and was used by the United States Air Force and the United States Army as a pilot training aircraft.  In 1964, the Air Force decided to use the off-the-shelf Cessna 172 as a preliminary flight screener for pilot candidates and ordered 237 from Cessna. The T-41 trainer is equipped with avionics […]

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