August Tarmac Days

An historic DC-3 which pioneered the launch of Trans-Australian Airlines will feature when HARS Aviation Museum holds its monthly tarmac days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10-12 August, at the Illawarra Regional Airport at Albion Park.

The gleaming polished metal DC-3, named Hawdon in honour of Australian settler and mail pioneer Joseph Hawdon, was built as a military C-47 for the US Army Air Force in 1941.

After seeing service across the Asia-Pacific region as USAAF 41-18660, in 1945 she was converted to a civilian DC-3 then, when TAA was formed, flew the first passenger service from Melbourne to Sydney n 1946.

In those days it took over three hours of low-level, non-pressurised flight to travel the route now covered by jets in about an hour.

After being retired in 1973 Hawdon was placed on public display, suspended in the car park at Melbourne Airport. After bring restored to flying again in 1988 she was gifted to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society in 2016 and is maintained in flying condition.

The full media release can be viewed here.