Premium Tours of VH-OJA – Boeing 747-438 Available

Have you ever… …wondered what lies behind that closed door on a commercial Jet? …dreamed of being a pilot? …sat in economy class and wished you were in business class? …wondered what the view is like from the pilot seat in a Boeing 747? …wondered how heavy that aircraft is or […]

747 Cockpit Experience Tours Now Ready For Boarding

HARS also has an exclusive 747 cockpit experience available on our 747-438, VH-OJA.  OJA holds the record as the first passenger aircraft to fly from London to Sydney non stop. Tours will be conducted by a 747 pilot who will tell you what really happens at the pointy end of […]

Changes to Entry Fees

The HARS Aviation Museum has found it necessary to update its entry fees. Current fees have not changed for a number of years. The new fees commence on Saturday 1st April 2023, and are for entry and tour of our world-class aviation museum. The new fees are: $30/adult, $25/concession, $15/child […]