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CAC CA-25 Winjeel (Young Eagle)

Photo Courtesy of Rod George
Photo Courtesy of Rod George

Single engine two seater trainer aircraft

History of Type

The Winjeel (Aboriginal for “Young Eagle”) is an Australian designed and built advanced pilot training aircraft where the instructor pilot and student sit side by side.  It was built by CAC (Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation) in Melbourne.

Designed in 1948 to replace the Tiger Moth the first Winjeel flew in 1951 but extensive testing highlighted a serious design flaw that delayed their introduction to the RAAF until 1955.

The design flaw was that the aircraft was too stable!!!

The RAAF wanted some instability to allow for spin training of pilots.  Ultimately the “problem” was solved by moving the vertical stabiliser forward ~400mm.  This gives the rear a slightly strange look.  The aircraft was retired from training in 1975 but then used in the Forward Air Control role by the RAAF until finally retired in 1994, after 49 years service!

History of A84-435 (VH-EAD)

Our aircraft A84-435 was the 35th aircraft manufactured and was delivered to the RAAF in late 1956.  She served with No 1 Basic Flying Training School at Point Cook until 1968.  She was then transferred to 76 Sqn as a Forward Air Control aircraft.

It is owned by a HARS member and is used for flight training of our pilots.  It is totally airworthy and in excellent condition.

Technical Specifications

Engines: 1 x Pratt & Whitney R985-AN-2 Wasp Junior (16.1 L), single row 8 cylinder air-cooled radial, 445 bhp

Maximum takeoff weight: ~2,000 kg

Length: 8.56 m

Wing span: 11.78 m

Height: 2.77 m

Cruising speed: ~250 km/h (max ~300 km/h)

Ceiling: 15,800 ft

Range: ~900 km

Crew: 1 x pilot instructor plus 1 x student plus 1 x occasional seat in back