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LET L-200A Morava

Photo courtesy Ken Jackson
Photo courtesy Ken Jackson

Twin engine light passenger aircraft

History of Type

The Morava is a light twin engine 4 x seat passenger aircraft designed in 1955 in Czechoslovakia.  It was first flown in 1957and proved to be very popular in Europe with over 1,000 being sold.

History of VH-EMV

The HARS Morava was first registered in Czechoslovakia as OK-OHC then imported and first registered in Australia in 1960 as VH-EMV.

She was operated by Coastal Airways Ltd., C.H. Parsons Pty. Ltd, and ANSETT-ANA in the Whitsunday area of North Queensland.

She was known in the local area as ’Eggs, Meat, and Veg’, in reference to her registration.

She joined HARS in 2008 and is airworthy.

Technical Specifications

Engines: 2 x Walther M337, 6 cylinder, inverted, air-cooled, supercharged, 6 L, 220 BHP each

Maximum takeoff weight:

Length: 8.61 m

Wing span: 12.31 m

Height: 2.25 m

Cruising speed: ~290 km/h (max ~310 km/h)

Ceiling: 20,000 ft

Range: ~1,900 km

Crew: 1 x pilot plus up to 3 passengers