HARS Aviation Museum
HARS Aviation Museum

Gareth Ward MP Congratulates HARS on Receipt of CBP Grant

Gareth Ward MP with Doug Philpott & Prof Michael Hough at HARS

On Monday 25 February Mr Gareth Ward MP, Member for Kiama and Parliamentary Secretary for the Illawarra, visited the HARS Aviation Museum to congratulate HARS on being awarded a Community Building Partnership grant to purchase an external electronic noticeboard. The noticeboard will be similar to those one sees outside many local schools. HARS wants to use the noticeboard to better serve the community by providing improved communications for those visiting the museum or just driving by. The noticeboard will be used to show information about key events and special displays in the museum.

Doug Philpott submitted the grant application on behalf of HARS, and will act as Project Manager for the installation of the noticeboard.  Photo courtesy of Ken Jackson.