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HARS Aviation Museum

HARS eShop Launched

HARS is conforming to all required COVID-19 health measures, and therefore we are closed for visitors, and none of our HARS members are attending the HARS main sites, other than for absolutely essential maintenance and security related activities.




  • The Bad News:- the HARS Shop at Albion Park is closed until further notice, AND we have no income revenue from e.g. visiting tourists, the café, or from HARS aircraft appearing at Air Shows.
  • The Good News:- we have now established a HARS eShop, and we are able to sell a limited range of HARS-badged products including the newly produced audiovisual, “Launch Tracker 844” either as a DVD or an electronic download.

To purchase from the HARS Museum Shop one needs to go to the website at:- https://www.harsmuseumshop.com.au/

Product Range

There is a special range of HARS-badged clothing (e.g. T-shirts and Hoodies), together with some HARS household items such as a carry bag and cushion cover.

They items are NOT carried in the HARS physical shop, but they are of very high quality, will be delivered
by post to your nominated address, and are a very practical way you can support HARS.

We believe that the HARS Navy Heritage Flight audiovisual, Launch Tracker 844, is a great souvenir, and we hope that you will consider sponsoring the ongoing flying of Tracker 844 by purchasing a copy.

The title “Launch Tracker 844” refers to the command given on (e.g. HMAS Melbourne) when an actual aircraft was launched.

You can view the Launch Tracker 844 promo clip at:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAN-Lt3xW4E

The eShop menu will offer you two purchase options for Launch Tracker 844:- an immediate download OR the purchase of a physical DVD.  The physical DVD will incur an extra $10 postage. The HARS eShop has achieved this by partnering with the Flagstaff Group who employ people with disability. These Flagstaff employees who will pack and have Australia Post deliver it to you (within Australia only at
this time)

We commend the HARS eShop to you and request your support in keeping HARS functioning, and keep Tracker 844 flying, by purchasing from the shop at:- https://www.harsmuseumshop.com.au/