Fund Raising

We are requesting your support for some of our HARS restoration projects.  All donations, $2 and over are tax-deductible.  Whilst we have been fortunate with generous sponsors over the years, we are finding that with the addition of more historically valuable aircraft to our collection that things are becoming even more stretched.

HARS needs assistance to help with all projects.  We have recently undertaken significant building works to upgrade our facilities, for which Bendigo Bank has been wonderful and it seems new projects are appearing all the time.  Aviation certainly consumes money.


To donate to any of these funds, start by clicking on either the heading title or the photo (see below) of the fund you wish to donate to.  You will be taken to a donation form and on to a “Rotary” account (HARS has partnered with the Rotary Club of Illawarra Sunrise to manage this “HARS” fund-raising – see the question / answer on the right for further explanation).  Paypal handles the credit card details and this is efficient, secure and easy.  If you don’t have a Paypal account, no problem – they simply take your credit card details.  You will be sent an email confirming the donation.

Below are our current list of donation options.



(click the title or the picture to donate)

As many of you know, “Felix” has had some bad luck recently.  Whilst en-route to the Catalina Festival at Rathmines (a major Catalina base during WWII) just North of Sydney, an engine malfunction forced a diversion to Maitland, where Felix now sits till repairs can be effected.

Felix is painted to represent a specific “Black Cat” from WWII, aircraft that flew low level at night around occupied islands both laying mines in harbours, and providing support for “Z Force”, the precursors of the modern day SAS.

Of all our aircraft at HARS, Felix needs your help the most right now.  Thankyou.

click Felix’s Photo to donate

HARS General  Fund

There are so many projects at HARS deserving of support to preserve Australian Aviation Heritage that we’d quickly fill up a page of confusing funds.  Getting our DC-4 back in the air, maintaining Connie and operating her, a hangar for OJA and the 707 – the list goes on.  Instead we decided to have a “catch-all” fund to help HARS keep its fleet maintained for all to enjoy and have a few significant projects that people may like to support.

TAA Hawdon DC-3 and the C-47 Fleet

HARS is privileged to be the custodian of TAA’s first aircraft, the DC-3 “Hawdon” which operated their first flight.  It is in immaculate condition and beautifully appointed inside.  This is a truly iconic aircraft in Australia’s history and along with two ex-RAAF C-47 aircraft allows HARS to operate a fleet of three of what is effectively the first modern airliner introduced into widespread use in the World during the mid to late 1930’s.

Caribou Transport

Perhaps no aircraft in the HARS fleet has more fiercely loyal team members, at least one of whom even operated these very aircraft during the Vietnam conflict as well as several who have spent a number of years operating these aircraft in RAAF service.  The Caribou represents a huge part of Australian Aviation history from the Vietnam era onwards.  There are only three factory original machines left in airworthy condition in the World and to have two of them makes us particularly proud.  As the banner on the nose (accompanied by a bill-board of service ribbons)  says, “45 Years of Operations”.

De Havilland Vampire

There are two, 2 seat Vampires under restoration at HARS, the aim being to have one in flying condition and one for taxi.  The two aircraft here were part of the “Telstars” aerobatic team, the fore-runner of the RAAF “Roulettes” aerobatic team.

Fokker F-27 500 Friendships

HARS has had two F-27 aircraft donated however to get them to NSW will require up to $150,000.  Sometimes, even though you already have multiple projects you just have to work harder when these opportunities present themselves, for they may never pass your way again.  The two aircraft in question are ex – NZ Post.  We hope to base one at Parkes and the other at Wagga.


HARS General Fund


TAA Hawdon DC-3 / C-47


Caribou Transport


Fokker Friendship 500

Web Browsers

It is a sad reality of the Internet experience that not all web browsers interpret web sites the same.  No matter how much Web Developers try, there is always a problem.  In our case, this is with our Donation forms.

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Windows 10), and Safari (Apple) are fine.  Firefox is as well, however we had to tweak a couple of things.  If you have an older version of Windows, then you will have “Internet Explorer” by default.  “IE” may have some problems so I recommend you install another Web browser.  Normally I’d recommend Google Chrome however this is available only for 64 bit systems – the easiest “catch-all” solution is to install Firefox for your system (32 bit or 64 bit).