Navy Heritage Flight – 22 September 2019 Update

Tracker 844 has settled quickly to its new ‘home’ at HARS Albion Park. Tracker 844 successfully underwent its first weekly engine run at HARS Albion Park on Sat morning 21 Sep and all systems functioned well. Although strictly not part of the Navy Heritage Flight, the Auster underwent an engine […]

Navy Heritage Flight – Tracker Flies in for Reunion

Just over 44 years since it was officially retired from service duty, a restored Grumman Tracker is ready to be centre stage at a reunion at HARS Aviation Museum next month. The S-2 Tracker is the first former Royal Australian Navy aircraft to fly after restoration for HARS Navy Heritage […]

Navy Heritage Flight – 15 September 2019 Update

The big news this week is that Grumman Tracker 844 has flown to its new “home” at HARS Aviation Museum Albion Park. It’s the first time the aircraft has flown for more than 20 years.  It’s a credit to those who have restored and maintained her over those years. Other […]