Southern Cross II – wing mounted

The Southern Cross team had a major leap forward with the mounting of the restored wing on to the fuselage. This significant event took place on Thursday 3rd May 2018, a day to remember. The team is rightly proud of this momentous achievement and are now looking forward to the […]

HARS & Wings Over Illawarra 2018

HARS was pleased to have been involved as a key participant in Wings Over Illawarra 2018.  The event was highly successful, and HARS take this opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate the efforts of the organisers, Bright Events Pty Ltd. The event was a deserved success, with a great range of […]

Southern Cross II – Next Step

We are pleased to report that spray painting of the wing is complete. The next step is to turn it over for the last time. We plan to do this in mid-April. The fuselage is ready to accept the wing along with the tail feathers. There is just a little […]