HARS Aviation Museum
HARS Aviation Museum

AP-3C Orion to be Featured at December Tarmac Days

This weekend HARS will be holding the regular monthly Open Tarmac Days starting Friday, showcasing for the first time our newest Bomber the mighty OZRunways sponsored AP-3C Orion Submarine hunter. HARS will be pleased for the first time to allow our visitors on board to see firsthand how our Air Force tracks down Submarines, lost Aircraft and ships.

It’s truly a remarkable experience !!! The Orion will be surrounded by our other Sub hunter the mighty Neptune which was replaced in service by the Orion. Everyone can also go through that aircraft as well to compare the technology. Added to the display will be some of our fighters and other bombers also available to climb aboard.

Nowhere else in the World can you get to sit in so many exciting aircraft.

Our Super Connie will of course be available to go aboard as well as our record breaking former Qantas 747-400.

As an added attraction Mr John Corby the designer and builder of Australia’s smallest aircraft, who was recently inducted into the Australian Aviation Hall of Fame, has donated his Starlet aircraft to HARS to show everyone how we can fly big and small. Kids will be able to get close up to this little beauty that actually flies.

HARS is open from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm each day and our unique Café Connie is open for meals and great coffee.