Aircraft News

Navy Heritage Flight – 18 August 2019 Update

This week we have been continuing to prepare Tracker 844 for flight, advising of a Tracker reunion being planned for October 2019, rebuilding the fuselage of the Sea Venom, adding to the  Fitting of Blades on Wessex 832, and preparing for C-47 Move to Albion Park. The full weekly report […]

Navy Heritage Flight – 11 August 2019 Update

Usually, the weekly NHF project report focuses on the actual activities occurring in this last week, but for a change this week – apart from several specific requests for your help, the report draws on the archives of the FAA Museum. One of our HARS volunteers, Murray Wilson, took the […]

Navy Heritage Flight – 4 August 2019 Update

Among many other activities we have commenced our major Sea Fury appeal. Please help us to develop the engineering analysis which is the start of the rebuild of this magnificent Sea Fury historic airframe back to flying status! The full report of the week’s activities can be read here.