HARS Aviation Museum
HARS Aviation Museum

Navy Heritage Flight – 21 July 2019 Update

As usual, this week’s NHF project report focuses on the actual activities occurring in this last week, which were: Continuing to prepare Tracker 844 for flight; rebuilding the fuselage of the Sea Venom; the successful move of the C47 wings to HARS Albion Park Base; and adding to the inventory of the Wessex 832 support equipment.

In last week’s NHF report, a current inventory of ALL HARS’ aircraft was published, including the HARS Parkes and HARS NHF airframes, and as a sign that our NHF Facebook page attracts genuine readers, we had a number of questions then posted about particular airframes, that enabled us to update and clarify the collection list- so thanks to all those sharp eyed readers!

That full weekly report can be read here.

As a matter of interest the picture shown here shows the service record of Tracker 851.