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HARS Aviation Museum

Navy Heritage Flight – 27 October 2019 Update

We are delighted to report that we had a most successful Tracker reunion with approx. 75 attending – so sincere congratulations to Bruce Saville and the organizers.

Prof Michael Hough had the pleasure of hosting the HARS’ component of the event on the Thursday, and he was delighted to report that Tracker 844  ran faultlessly for the reunion, and it was GREAT to see so many people watching the lengthy performance sequence of: engine startup, preparation system checking and engine run-ups, wing unfolds, final clearance checks, taxi out and then three full circuits including touch and go and a very smooth landing, taxi back wing fold and switch-off!

To watch the regional ABC report on the reunion see: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-25/navy-pilots-reunite-more-than-50-years-after-flight-school/11639412

Some well deserved “thank yous” were required:

Full tribute to the 844 pilots Owen Nicolls and Steve McMahon, and the ground crew Terry Hetherington, Keith Boundy and Garry Holloway. VERY WELL DONE!

We need to pay a special tribute to our senior HARS engineer Bill Smith who led the HARS engineering team to fully restore the Tracker to flying status at Air Affairs. Our sincere thanks Bill for your constant effort and output focused work – a great achievement!

Wealso want to pay tribute to Glenn Harley, who is the ‘Backroom’ genius who organizes CASA registrations and transfers and made sure that e.g. Air Affairs maintenance hangar was accredited as a CASA-approved HARS remote site, to enable the Tracker maintenance to occur. Thanks Glenn!

The full weekly report can be read here.