HARS Aviation Museum
HARS Aviation Museum

Continuation of COVID Restrictions

It is understood that the NSW Government will most likely relax a number of COVID restrictions from 15th December 2021.  However, the Management of HARS has decided that our duty of care to our visitors, members and contractors is paramount.  Therefore, the current restrictions will remain in force at HARS until at least 28 February 2022, by which date a further review will have been undertaken.

This means that the following Conditions of Entry will continue to apply to the HARS Aviation Museum and Cafe Connie:

1. Only those who have received two vaccinations of an approved vaccine (or who hold a signed medical exemption) will be admitted.

2. The wearing of masks indoors is encouraged.

3. Physical distancing must be practised as far as possible.

4. Good hand hygiene is encouraged.

5. Check-in via the ServiceNSW QR code on entry.

6. Contactless temperature checks on entry.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you at HARS Aviation Museum soon.