HARS Aviation Museum
HARS Aviation Museum

How can you help keep HARS flying

HARS is proud of all the aircraft we have saved and preserved for posterity, both static and flying.

Through hard work, the dedication of our volunteers, sponsors, and passionate members of the public we have evolved into the significant air museum we are today.

We have many exciting current and future projects that YOU can directly contribute to and have a sense of being part of aviation preservation.

Not all of us are blessed with a mechanical ability, or people skills, or living close enough to HARS to actually come and visit us here.

But as a community organization of volunteers HARS has always recognised this as a limitation and that is why we are now starting CROWD FUNDING to allow positive support to our aircraft.

We want your feedback on the idea of CROWD FUNDING of some of our activities and how we should do it.

Check out our WEB SITE and please give us your feedback!

All feedback will be presented to the HARS Management Committee ….so if you are passionate about preserving Australia’s aviation heritage here’s your chance for YOUR ideas to make a real difference.

Check out some of our current projects needing funding at HARS Fundraising Projects