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Aussie Inventions That Changed The World

Foxtel’s HISTORY channel is about to broadcast a new series called Aussie Inventions That Changed The World which premieres on Foxtel’s HISTORY channel at 7:30pm on Monday 24 June.

For those of us interested in aviation please watch the episode about Airborne inventions to be broadcast on 5 August (see episode list below).

Click here for the concept promo for the series that’s currently running on the History channel.

Here’s the full episode order and on-air dates:
24 June Home Life Rotary Clothes Hoist, Victa Mower, Boneless Corset, Dual Flush
1 July Communication Bionic Ear, Wi-Fi, Telephane, Pre-Paid Post
8 July Wartime Penicillin, Owen Gun, Transporter, Drip Rifle
15 July Farm Start Stump Jump Plough, Ute, Mechanical Shears, Akubra
22 July Medicine Lithium, Spray On Skin, Pacemaker, Disposable Medical Gloves
29 July Food Preservation Ice-Maker, Cask Wine, Frozen Food, Coolgardie Safe
5 August Airborne Black Box, Box Kite, Inflatable Slide-Raft, Boomerang
12 August Super Vision X-ray Crystallography, Feature Film, Polilight, Periscope Rifle