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HARS Aviation Museum

Southern Cross II Update – March 2018

Structural load test of wing

March 2017 saw the much anticipated structural test of the wing after the completion of its extensive five year repair. Happily, the test consisting of placing 2000 kg on each outer wing section, went well.

Following the test doped fabric covering was applied the to the six metre re-built section of the right wing. The damaged right aileron has been repaired and covered with fabric. It awaits repair of its control horn prior to painting. The wing is now complete except for a small section of the left side requiring two coats of finishing dope.

The fuselage structure and fabric coverings have been fully restored and painted.

The first of the fully overhauled engines is being assembled in Brisbane, and the modified main undercarriage legs are nearing completion.

It is hoped that the wing can be fitted to the fuselage and the near completed aircraft on display for the upcoming Wings over the Illawarra air show in May.

Painting the fuselage
Complete fuselage with windows fitted
Applying final silver coat to wing underside
Cockpit instruments fully installed